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Uzbek traditions

Uzbek national clothes
Rubric: Uzbek traditions

The peculiarity of clothes of local nations has always been determined by climatic, social conditions and tribal traditions. As far back as 19th century clothing (gowns, dresses, and shirts) continued...

Eastern turban
Rubric: Uzbek traditions

The most famous head-dress in oriental Muslim countries was turban worn by people of all ages and groups of society. At fist turban used as a protection against the searing sun and wind. But later it ...

Musical instruments of Temurids
Rubric: Uzbek traditions

During the reign of Amir Temur and Temurids instrumental music was actively developed. Musical instruments were usually used for aesthetic purposes. That’s why viewing platforms were constructed...

Surkhandarya people clothing
Rubric: Uzbek traditions

The national costume can tell us about age-long traditions, customs and aesthetic priorities typical of each regional culture. Uzbekistan clothing is special but of different regions of Uzbekistan it ...

Blacksmithing of Bukhara
Rubric: Uzbek traditions

Bukhara was a center of development of handicraft production for many centuries. Nowadays the work of revival the crafts is being actively carried out. It’s blacksmithing, dyeing, silk weaving, ...

Creative textile of Uzbekistan
Rubric: Uzbek traditions

Nothing can characterize art culture of Uzbekistan except bright, open and luscious colors. Through colorful designs of carpets, embroideries and textiles masters tells life optimism of Uzbek people, ...

Navruz Holiday
Rubric: Uzbek traditions

Navruz is the most cheerful holiday in Central Asia. The history of the holiday goes back to ancient time, when people worshipped the Sun and the Fire. It was celebrated by solar calendar, based on th...

The history of Uzbek Marionettes Theater
Rubric: Uzbek traditions

We are no other than a moving row  Of Magic Shadow-shapes that come and go  Round with the Sun-illumined Lantern held  In Midnight by the Master of the Show Omar Khayyam Puppetry was ...

What can we learn from local people?
Rubric: Uzbek traditions

Visiting other country, we like it or not we learn something new and even begin to think in a different way. Each journey gives us opportunity to see how other people live. You can learn many useful ...

Uzbek shopping
Rubric: Uzbek traditions

What’s Uzbekistan for you? Uzbek plov – yes! Halva and sweetest melon – certainly! Embroidered skullcap with gold threads? You’re right! And what’s about carpets, natura...

National holidays of uzbekistan
Rubric: Uzbek traditions

Nowruz (New day) is celebrated on March 21, the day of vernal equinox. This day Uzbek families cook national dishes such as sumalyak, pilaf, samsa and others. This holiday symbolizes friendship, unity...

Uzbek head-dress
Rubric: Uzbek traditions

  The Uzbek head-dress has always been one of the most popular and widespread types of applied art of Uzbekistan. It is a hard or soft cap on the lining. The Uzbek head-dress became an integral p...

Khammam baths in Bukhara
Rubric: Uzbek traditions

Eastern baths today are widely spread. They are located in Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Tunisia, Lebanon and here in Central Asia. Traditions of all oriental baths originate from ancient times.First bath...

Uzbek wedding
Rubric: Uzbek traditions

Different kinds of events are frightfully loved in the East. And Uzbekistan is not the exception. If you have ever read the Eastern tales, you know that they all finish like this: at the end they got ...


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