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Creative textile of Uzbekistan

Published: 19 june 2015

Creative textile of UzbekistanNothing can characterize art culture of Uzbekistan except bright, open and luscious colors. Through colorful designs of carpets, embroideries and textiles masters tells life optimism of Uzbek people, nature beauty and special energy charge.

Bright embroidered geometric patterns, colors and special signs are perfectly combined with green gardens and heavenly blue. A traveler von Schwartz also noticed it during his travelling in XIX century. He wrote: “As for the spectacular selection of colours and expensive fabrics, people of Central Asia surpass all European painters who are accustomed to the lead-colour sky”.

The main motives

Creative textile of UzbekistanFavorite color combinations are using from ancient times and became classical. Masters used a simple principle when pure tones are selected by contrast and also selected shades of the same color. It’s used no more than 15 basic colors and it allows achieving the correct harmony of colors.

However, we can not to notice that a red color is in the priority of entire palette. Uzbek people like to use it because red is associated with fire (hearth), blood (life force) and is a symbol of protection and patronage. Masters also use combination of red and white colors, that consider as a symbol of harmony, prosperity and purity of thought.


Creative textile of Uzbekistan

Speaking about Uzbek textiles, it is impossible not to mention the Khan-atlas. It’s the most famous Uzbek fabrics, so beloved by local women and tourists. Here are made the unusual color combinations, such as purple, pink, green, blue, golden yellow, wine red, black and white.

There was a special technology: during staged dyeing of the fabric-to-be the adjacent colors ran onto one another and mixed, resulting in additional peculiar effect.

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