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Archive of Blog: October 2012

Nature reserves in Uzbekistan
Published: 30 october 2012

Gissar  mountain fir reserveGissar reserve was found in 1994. as a result of merging Kyzyksui and Mirakin reserves, and now its territory is 80986 ha. The territory is typical with numerous gorges, caverns, streams, waterfalls and small glaciers.The aim of establishment of the reserve is the keeping mountain ecosystems and snow leopard.The total amount of vascular plants is not less than 800-900 types. Among mammals there are tailed marmot, tolai hare, porcupine, wolf, fox, also white clawed dear, snow leopard and others. Among birds there are bearded, snow and black vultures, eagle, owl and etc.Gissar reserve is very interesting. There is a rock with the dinosaur footprints. In the northern part there are several small glaciers, such as Glacier Severtsev and Batyrbay.In the fir groves there is a wide spectrum of hardwoods, among which there are acer turcestanicum, barberry and dog ...

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