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Archive of Blog: November 2013

Sarmysh gorge
Published: 12 november 2013

In Uzbekistan in the Kizilkum mountains near Navoi city there is Sarmysh gorge. It is the area of the massif Bukantau. At the end of the 80-s of the 20th century there were rumours in this region, that UFO accidents occurred in Sarmysh gorge. The scientific expedition immediately flew to the site of occurrence. The researchers made the great and laborious task, but no remains of the UFO were found. However, the expedition was not entirely fruitless. In the gorge Sarmysh many ancient rock paintings were discovered by scientists. Among these pictures there were very unusual examples. People alike aliens in obscure outfits resembling spacesuits were depicted on the paintings. The researchers suggest that the age of the patterns is ten or fifteen thousand years. The scientists already found something like this in the caves in China and Spain. But there were not so many petroglyphs anywhere...

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