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Archive of Blog: January 2013

Winery in Samarkand
Rubric: Uzbek cuisine

 "The truth is hiding in the wine,It is a constant view of mine.Wine may taste bitter as my life,But it can cause a lot of drive.And every morning at the dawnI feel as if I'm on the throne.A crys...

Uzbek ceramics
Rubric: Handicrafts

Ceramics for many centuries has been the most highly developed kind of trade in Central Asia. Slip and not slip ceramics of the leading centers had local features, appearing in peculiarity of forms, o...

Mountains of Uzbekistan
Rubric: Nature of Uzbekistan

Mountains of Uzbekistan refer to the mountain systems of the Western Tien Shan and Southern Tien Shan (Gissar-Alay, including Turkestan, Zaravshan, Gissar, Karategin, Alay ridges).The high of the moun...