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Archive of Blog: May 2013

Kyzylkum desert
Rubric: Nature of Uzbekistan

Kyzylkum (from Turkic means «red sand») – is a sandy desert between the rivers Amudarya and Syrdarya in Central Asia. Its area is 300 thousand sq. km. On the north-west the desert is...

Rubric: Nature of Uzbekistan

 Baysun is the city in Surkhandarya. It received status of the city in 1975. This amazingly beautiful city is rich with endless green valleys and snow-covered slopes of the mountains. Baysun - fa...

Uzbek carpet weaving
Rubric: Handicrafts

One of the oldest types of folk art in Central Asia is the production of silk and woolen carpets. Domestic carpet weaving is developed in Fergana valley, Nurota, Kashkadarya, Surhandarya and Syrdarya ...

Religious monument Karatepa
Rubric: Religious monuments

Karatepa– religious centre, from Uzbek means “black hill”, situated in the north-west corner of the ancient city Termez, its square is 7 hectares. The centre consists of temples and ...