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Published: 23 may 2013

 Baysun is the city in Surkhandarya. It received status of the city in 1975. This amazingly beautiful city is rich with endless green valleys and snow-covered slopes of the mountains. Baysun - fantastic city that contains a historical memory of the great long forgotten civilizations: the Great Amir Temur's empire, the Kushan, Greco-Bactrian.

  Many years ago there were trading caravans on this earth. Folk traditions and customs of Baysun region differ from the other regions of Uzbekistan. Therefore, residents of the city sacred honor preserved customs and culture of the ancient city. This applies to the rituals and songs, dances and the historical style of dress. Baysun is famous for its magnificent embroidery. Population of Baysun comes from Turkic and Tajik roots; especially it is reflected in the decoration of clothing. For the nomadic tribes is typical ornament with a picture of cloven-hoofed animals (sheep horns, goat). The local population is used geometric patterns in their images. Embroidery and carpets are very colorful and bright, have the combination of geometric and floral patterns. The most common theme that arose in 1950 is the image of the woman with a deer. Ritual music Baysun is connected with family customs and beliefs, weddings, accompanied by songs, music, dance and folk games. It is said that there were ceramists in Bukhara whose works unfortunately didn’t preserve. According to the samples, found in Baysun, we can suggest that Bukhara ceramic had special style and ornaments.

  In Baysun every girl can embroider, here in every house you can see embroidery and carpets made by hand. In 2001 Baysun was given the title "Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity".

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