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Archive of Blog: November 2012

Tashkent yesterday and today
Published: 08 november 2012

Several administrative buildings of the century before last maintained till our days. Against the background of the modern structures they noticeably stand out. And that is most interesting, they are in a good and ideal condition. Palace of the Grand Duke Romanov (1889-1891). The palace was constructed by a famous architecture Aleksey Leontevich Benua, the building was the residence of the Great Duke Nikolay Konstantinovich Romanov. The building is constructed from dried breaks, that is why it is cool enough in summer in it. In 1917 the Museum of Arts in Tashkent was here, today it is the Museum of Arts of Uzbekistan. Then the museum was moved to another place, and now the palace is the House of greetings of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan.Tashkent real college (1898). 114 years ago Tashkent real college was built by the architectures Geincelman and Maksimov. In ...

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