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Archive of Blog: July 2013

Folk show in madrasah Nadir Divan-Begi
Published: 18 july 2013

  Nadir Devan-Begi is one of the oldest and most beautiful medieval madrasahs of Bukhara. Here tourists and visitors can enjoy the performance of the folk ensemble and national performance, accompanied with live music. Here, in the madrasah Nadir Devan-Begi, you will have a unique opportunity to join the culture of the Uzbek people, to feel an oriental spirit, including traditional dances music, cuisine etc.   Folk show begins with silent national music, which gradually turns into a great show. The repertoire of the program is very interesting. You will see the dances of various regions of Uzbekistan: Uzbek national dance, Fergana classical dance, Khorezm folk dance, as well as Tajik and Arab dancing. Between dances, beautiful girls demonstrate fashion show of exquisite collections that combine modern fashion and national traditions.   Enjoying the performance of fol...

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Ichan-Kala gate
Published: 12 july 2013

   Ichan-Kala city (inner castle) is located in the historical centre of the ancient city Khiva. The territory of Ichan-Kala is 30 hectares. The height of the fortress’ walls is 10 metre. Darwaza (gate) were in each of the four parts of Ichan-Kala: the western gate - Ata-Darwaza are located at Kun-Ark Fortress, the north gate - Bagcha Darwaza, oriental - Palvan Darwaza and south - Tash-Darwaza.   Ata-Darwaza is the main gate of Ichan-Kala, located in the western part of the city. The gate was built in 1842 and destroyed in 1920. In 1975, they were again restored. The height of Ata-Darwaza’ door is 10 metre, its width is 4 metre. The fortress Kunya-Ark is located on the left side and Muhammad Amin Khan Madrasa is on the right side.   North Gate - Bagcha-Darwaza is a symmetrical structure in the fortress wall, its height is 8.5 meters. There are th...

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Marghilan atlas
Rubric: Handicrafts
Published: 09 july 2013

  Marghilan is one of the oldest cities of Fergana Valley in Uzbekistan. The city is famous for beautiful fabrics produced here. In Marghilan local people have engaged in manufacturing of silk fabrics since ancient times. Silk was known to be one of the most popular commodities of merchants, who exported it along the Silk Road in Greece and Egypt, Iran and China. At the end of XX century large population of Marghilan were weavers and artisans.   Today Marghilan is one of the main centres of rich traditions of silk weaving with its style, originality and techniques. Silk fabrics are produced here: adras, bekasami, benesary, light and thin silk for women's clothing – shoyi and madali, thick purple cloth-turm, which are original in contrast, and also abr atlases; from Persian “abr” means “cloud” that is light, weightless.   It is not surprisingly...

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