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Archive of Blog: January 2015

Sardoba or medieval water storage
Rubric: Architectural monuments

Because of dry climate water was very important in Central Asia. It was especially difficult for caravans having gone through the desert. That’s why special water storage or sardoba was set alon...

Katta Langar: where time has no power
Rubric: Architectural monuments

The mountainous village Katta Langar is situated on the foot of the Zarafshan spine, 70 kilometers from Shahrisyabz. It is unique place with its picturesque nature landscapes. The view of this place g...

Observatory Maidanak
Rubric: Architectural monuments

The definite location of this observatory is 120 kilometers from Samarkand, on the western side of the mountain Maidanak which actually gave the name to observatory. This unique place was created by a...

What can we learn from local people?
Rubric: Uzbek traditions

Visiting other country, we like it or not we learn something new and even begin to think in a different way. Each journey gives us opportunity to see how other people live. You can learn many useful ...

Uzbek wine
Rubric: Uzbek cuisine

Wine in Uzbekistan has been known from ancient times. It’s full of taste drink which also can be useful. While drinking you get pleasure and make your health stronger. Avicenna noted that red wi...

Stones of Sangijuman
Rubric: Architectural monuments

Nature is the best sculptor: its creations are always mysterious and unique. The wind, air and water together create real masterpieces and they cannot be unnoticed. Good example is the area Sangijuman...

Uzbek shopping
Rubric: Uzbek traditions

What’s Uzbekistan for you? Uzbek plov – yes! Halva and sweetest melon – certainly! Embroidered skullcap with gold threads? You’re right! And what’s about carpets, natura...

Rubric: Architectural monuments

Caravanserai is an original public building in the Middle East and Central Asia, usually serves as shelter for travelers in cities and populated areas. There were one and two storey caravanserais. Car...