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Archive of Blog: January 2015

Sardoba or medieval water storage
Published: 30 january 2015

Because of dry climate water was very important in Central Asia. It was especially difficult for caravans having gone through the desert. That’s why special water storage or sardoba was set along the caravan ways. Sardoba is reservoir for water with covered dome. To get to water travellers should walk down the stairs. Such water storage were found near rabat, caravanserai and even in the cities. The reservoir was filled with rain and melting water. Sometimes water was coming from rivers and other water source by ariks and underground canals (kyariz). Structural features Sardobas were built from Ib.c. to XVIII a.d. Later they all were abandoned as caravan ways. But some of them exists nowadays giving opportunity to learn their construction in details. Mostly sardobas were built in the area with low lands – for collecting rain and melting water. Domes with holes were also for...

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Katta Langar: where time has no power
Published: 28 january 2015

The mountainous village Katta Langar is situated on the foot of the Zarafshan spine, 70 kilometers from Shahrisyabz. It is unique place with its picturesque nature landscapes. The view of this place gives a person pacification and calmness. Picturesque views are very attractive for tourists but also they are attracted by mosque and mausoleum of sufi Mahammad Sadik. More than half century ago he started to preach the doctrine, to meet his pupils and followers in this village. The mosque was built in the start of XVI century. Many years there were only praying hall and extra rooms. The building process of the mosque is unique and tourists can know many legends about it. This is one of them: when the construction was almost finished, workers had found out that they had lack of material to build the last column. The mosque was finished owing to sufi Mahammad Sadic who turned cotton bush i...

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Observatory Maidanak
Published: 27 january 2015

The definite location of this observatory is 120 kilometers from Samarkand, on the western side of the mountain Maidanak which actually gave the name to observatory. This unique place was created by astronomer V. S. Shevchenko. The location of the observatory was selected after long investigation of the area, its climate, permanently bright sky. Also this place is unique because of still air all year round. This all points help to make good and unique photos, control astrophysical objects. The one more interesting fact - Maidanak Observatory is situated between two big stations on the Earth (Hawaii and Canarias islands). The object is located 2700 meters above sea level, the best location for observatory work. The object is closed in winter because of severe climatic conditions, bad routes of supply. The common area of the object is 32 hectares, where 10 telescopes are located. The m...

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What can we learn from local people?
Published: 23 january 2015

Visiting other country, we like it or not we learn something new and even begin to think in a different way. Each journey gives us opportunity to see how other people live. You can learn many useful things from them and use them in your life. Well, what can we learn during the tour to Uzbekistan? Hospitality Hospitality – is national feature of Uzbek people. Even small children know how to meet guests and how to behave. Don’t know how to get to bazaar or hotel? Ask passes-by and they’ll show you not only the way, but even take you to the place. Ability to bargain Don’t know how to bargain? Go to bazaar during your tour to Uzbekistan and try to get some discount from the seller. It’s not so easy, because bargain is something from impudence, bluff and ability to smile and deal with seller. Peace of mind In the East people don’t get accustomed to hurry...

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Uzbek wine
Published: 22 january 2015

Wine in Uzbekistan has been known from ancient times. It’s full of taste drink which also can be useful. While drinking you get pleasure and make your health stronger. Avicenna noted that red wine could improve blood circulation of the brain. Today there are many kinds of wine, which can differ in taste depended on the grade of grapes. It is considered the sunnier weather the better taste of the grapes. So Uzbek wine is famous with its sweetness and low acidity.  The sweetness of grapes is 29% and it gives unique taste. Wine making has been known in Uzbekistan from ancient times. From year to year this brunch of industry has been improving which is based on ancient recipes and traditions. Where the wine is produced Almost all regions of Uzbekistan have appropriate conditions for growing grapes. These are fruitful soil, good climate and as a result the best harvest. In spite...

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Stones of Sangijuman
Published: 20 january 2015

Nature is the best sculptor: its creations are always mysterious and unique. The wind, air and water together create real masterpieces and they cannot be unnoticed. Good example is the area Sangijuman, situated in Navoi region. Here you can see unique stone compositions made by nature. They proudly rise above the ground and have unusual shapes. Some of these boulders have big size through-holes. Local people believe if a man with sick joints passes through the hole he’ll forget about his pain soon. From tajic language Sangijuman translates “rocking stone”. Area got this name because of unique stone, which has “no weight”. His weight is more than 280 tons, but if you touch the stone – it begins to rock. Even a little child can do it. Sangijuman is an uncommon place, where a lot of people come from the beginning of spring. Some of them wants to be heal...

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Uzbek shopping
Published: 20 january 2015

What’s Uzbekistan for you? Uzbek plov – yes! Halva and sweetest melon – certainly! Embroidered skullcap with gold threads? You’re right! And what’s about carpets, natural silk and souvenir knifes? Yes, this all you can find in Uzbekistan – country, which is famous by its hospitality. For shopping we recommend to visit oriental bazaar, where you can buy everything what you want. Trade begins from early morning and doesn’t stop until evening.  Fresh fruit, vegetables, dried fruit, sweets and spices you can buy in low price. Also you can bargain to take extra discount. But it’s not as simple as you suppose. Bargain is something from impudence, bluff and ability to smile and deal with seller. You can check this ability during your tour to Uzbekistan! Be sure – when you come to bazaar, you cannot go away without purchase. This ...

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Published: 29 january 2015

Caravanserai is an original public building in the Middle East and Central Asia, usually serves as shelter for travelers in cities and populated areas. There were one and two storey caravanserais. Caravanserai is of two types: open and closed. Closed form is a rectangular building with an open courtyard in the middle of which was a well. There were rooms for living and warehouse for the goods. They were widespread in IX-XVIII centuries, because this time caravan trade was especially developed. The term “caravansary” is of Persian origin. "Caravan" in Farsi means a group of traveling people; "serai" means a restroom. Caravanserai served not only as a building for temporary accommodation for travelers but there were also learned the latest commercial and political news, met with merchants from other cities and countries to conclude trade deals. Today caravanserai is a unique ar...

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