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Uzbek shopping

Published: 20 january 2015

uzbek shopping

What’s Uzbekistan for you?

Uzbek plov – yes!

Halva and sweetest melon – certainly!

Embroidered skullcap with gold threads? You’re right!

And what’s about carpets, natural silk and souvenir knifes? Yes, this all you can find in Uzbekistan – country, which is famous by its hospitality. For shopping we recommend to visit oriental bazaar, where you can buy everything what you want. Trade begins from early morning and doesn’t stop until evening. 

Fresh fruit, vegetables, dried fruit, sweets and spices you can buy in low price. Also you can bargain to take extra discount. But it’s not as simple as you suppose. Bargain is something from impudence, bluff and ability to smile and deal with seller. You can check this ability during your tour to UzbekistanBe sure – when you come to bazaar, you cannot go away without purchase. This place can be also godsend for photographer, who can take unique opportunity to photograph lively stories.

What to buy?

Tourists mostly are interested in handicrafts. It’s not only handmade souvenirs to present, butluxurious oriental carpets with complicated patterns, ceramics, uzbeksuzane and unusual jewelry. Men can be attracted by chust and shahristan knifes, which are elegant and rich decorated. And what’s about hookah with special patterns? For women we can recommend luxurious karakul fur coats made by local masters.

Behind the scenes

Do you want to see how souvenirs are created? We offer you to visit handicraftsmen in their studios. And such tour to Uzbekistan will help you to see the country from the other side.  

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