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Archive of Blog: February 2016

Zoomorphic images of Central Asian ceramics
Rubric: Handicrafts
Published: 16 february 2016

Central Asian ceramics is very popular all over the world. It’s beautifully decorated and also transmits traditions and customs of local people. Central Asian ceramics is of high-level quality – it doesn’t change glitter even after many years. Masters use different images in decoration: simple geometric pattern, a complex plant or interesting zoomorphic and anthropomorphic images. The zoomorphic images Central Asia masters actively use a variety of zoomorphic images. They are fantastic birds with magnificent plumage appearance, small ears and a stripe running from the beak to the back. No less popular motif was the fish (in its external appearance resembling sturgeon), as well as  leopard curved and forked at the end of the tail. Siren is also frequently used image – it’s a bird with a woman's head, which hoisted a strange headdress. It’s pictu...

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