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Archive of Blog: November 2014

“Barkhan” club
Published: 30 november 2014

Individuality and exclusiveness, much positive and unforgettable pastime, excellent music, the best DJs and artists, of course we are talking about one of the modern clubs of our capital. Well modern and charming restaurant “Barkhan” in the center of our attention.  “Barkhan” club is the regular thematical parties, specially invited guests from all over the world, unforgettable ballet and artists’ shows. Exquisite interior design combines the colors of oriental style and Hi-Tech elements. Bar of the restaurant offers you a large variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, cocktails, the taste of which helps you to arouse the firework of emotions and energies, accompanied the good club music. In order to experience all this positive and good feeling, come and you will make sure.   Address: Yakassaray district, St. Sh. Rashidov, 40 Working hours:...

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Samsa - honorable dish of the Uzbek cuisine
Published: 25 november 2014

Uzbek cuisine is a kind of branch of applied art and, perhaps, the rich cuisine ofCentral Asia. Its main distinctive and the most piquant feature is the intensive use of the meat. You know that only inUzbekistanyou can taste such wonderful dishes like pilaf, shurpa, lagman, damlyama and of course samsa – one of the honorable dishes of the Uzbek people.  Uzbek Samsa is pastry dough with different types of filling (meat filling – lamb, beef, chicken, vegetable filling – pumpkin, potatoes, onion). Bu the main flavor that gives the dish such a delicious taste is spices – zira, black and red pepper, sesame seed, which is known as necessary component in the Uzbek cuisine. It is important to know the right proportions of dough and filling for preparing samsa. There are many recipes of its cooking. Usually samsa is cooked from flour, water, salt, meat or vegetable fi...

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Pilaf - uzbek national dish
Published: 21 november 2014

As is known Uzbek cuisine is closely connected with the Uzbek culture, traditions and language. Since ancient times the Uzbek people led as nomadic and sedentary life, which prompted to borrowing of culinary traditions and variety of dishes. During its thousand-year history, the Uzbek cuisine had got its own specific feature, that’s why it is so popular abroad.  Today we will speak about one of the main traditional Uzbek dishes – pilaf. Uzbek pilaf is one of the achievements of Uzbek cuisine. This honor and favorite dish is cooked for each event inUzbekistan. If the pilaf is cooked without any cause, it is cooked by women, if there is a festive event, it is cooked by men or special master on pilaf cooking – ashpaz. There are many recipes of this wonderful dish. The Uzbek cuisine has more than 60 recipes. Each region ofUzbekistanhas its own unique recipe of this hon...

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The restaurant "Brazil"
Published: 09 november 2014

"Brazil" is the first and only Brazilian restaurant inUzbekistan. Any Brazilian can easily explain you meaning of the words rodizio, churassker, kaipirinya, feydzhoada, pikanya and panakota. Today you will be acquainted with the meaning of the word rodizio.  It is known 300 years ago, in the Pampas region, in the south ofBrazil, the locals invented a new way of cooking meat (big pieces of meat on the skewer were fried in the open air in the presence of the visitors). So, freshly cooked meat the visitor could eat as much as he wanted. Hence we know the meaning of the word "Rodizio". Well, for the full enjoyment you can only order a refreshing kayperinyu, Brazilian lemonade or classic Sangria.  Here you can see musicians and singers from Rio, taste delicious set of 10 kinds of meat, you will be offered a buffet dinner with plenty of salads, hot dishes and snacks, but the most imp...

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Seven sacred Sufis of Bukhara
Published: 02 november 2014

  Bukhara is the city where many thinkers, scientists, theologians, and poets lived. One of them is Abu Ali ibn Sina (Avicenna). He is the author of many interesting works in the field of medicine, psychology, mathematics, logic, physics, music, poetry, zoology. "Canon of Medicine" is his greatest creation. Al-Hasan al-Basri is theorist, psychologist, who preached the selfless love of God. It was his distinguishing feature of Sufi ideology.   There are seven sacred Sufies in Bukhara. As a rule the tour starts from the grave ofSheikh Abdul-Khaliq Abd Al Gijduvani, who founded School of the Central Asian Sufism. He always took a view that every imam must have his own job. There is Ulugbek madrasah near the new mosque, where pilgrims can pray.   Muhammad Arif Ar Revgary began to learn Sufizm very early. When he was 19, he taught philosophy. His manuscript ...

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