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Archive of Blog: August 2013

Mirzo Ulugbek Park
Rubric: Parks of Uzbekistan

  Mirzo Ulugbek Park, former park Thelman is one of the oldest and fascinating parks in Tashkent. It is great place for funny rest with children and friends. Her you can also relax under the shad...

Japanese garden
Rubric: Parks of Uzbekistan

  Japanese garden is a small park in Tashkent, located in the territory of "Uzexpocentre". It was built jointly by the initiative of the Embassy of Japan in Uzbekistan and the Ministry of Foreign...

Tashkent Disneyland
Rubric: Parks of Uzbekistan

  Tashkent Disneyland is Amusement Park, located near the Water Park. Here, in the centre of the city, you will have a unique opportunity to ride on dizzy “roller coaster”, as well as...

Rubric: Parks of Uzbekistan

  The beach season in Tashkent begins with the opening of Tashkent Water Park, where adults and children can spend unforgettable summer holiday. The Tashkent aquapark was built in 1997, located n...

Tashkent zoological garden
Rubric: Parks of Uzbekistan

  Tashkent Zoo is a cultural and educational institution, organized in 1924. In 1940 the exposition of the zoo included more than 200 different species of animals and birds.   In 1994 t...

Botanical garden
Rubric: Parks of Uzbekistan

 Tashkent Botanical garden was founded in 1943; its square is 68 hectares. Today, there is a collection of plants of Eastern and Central Asia, North America, Europe, Far East and Crimea. Here you...

Uzbek head-dress
Rubric: Uzbek traditions

  The Uzbek head-dress has always been one of the most popular and widespread types of applied art of Uzbekistan. It is a hard or soft cap on the lining. The Uzbek head-dress became an integral p...