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Archive of Blog: August 2013

Mirzo Ulugbek Park
Published: 29 august 2013

  Mirzo Ulugbek Park, former park Thelman is one of the oldest and fascinating parks in Tashkent. It is great place for funny rest with children and friends. Her you can also relax under the shade of green trees, beautiful plants surrounded by greenery. It is especially nice to do after a hard day's work.   There are many different attractions both for children and young people. It is mostly of course children’s rides, as most of the audiences are children.   For the first time the solemn opening of the park was held on June 24, 1934. During the war, there were organized free meals for evacuated children. After the war, there were musical evenings. It was like city “music room”.   Today, there is an artificial lake in the park, where you can ride on boats and catamarans, a huge Ferris wheel from which you can take all round view of Tashkent, as well ...

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Japanese garden
Published: 26 august 2013

  Japanese garden is a small park in Tashkent, located in the territory of "Uzexpocentre". It was built jointly by the initiative of the Embassy of Japan in Uzbekistan and the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations of the Republic of Uzbekistan.   August 25, 2001 was the opening day of the Japanese garden. It is an unusually beautiful place is frequently visited by brides and grooms so that to make a beautiful wedding photos. Being in a Japanese garden, you plunge into depth and originality of Japanese culture, as well as learn their philosophy, a way of thinking.   There is a sacred Japanese tree sakura (Japanese cherry) on the bank of the old lake filled with Japanese lotus. From here visitors make trips by small boat. There is also a tea house where you can get a feeling of unusual tradition of the Japanese tea ceremony.   There are two pavilions – Azumaya in...

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Tashkent Disneyland
Published: 20 august 2013

  Tashkent Disneyland is Amusement Park, located near the Water Park. Here, in the centre of the city, you will have a unique opportunity to ride on dizzy “roller coaster”, as well as there is “Ferris Wheel”; here you can admire the beautiful view of our city.   You will also sail on a boat among the thickets of tropical plants on the ride “Jungle”, meeting on the way different wild animals under the accompanying sound that creates the illusion of your stay in the tropical jungle.   There are also many other swings: “boat”, “wave”, “frog”. If you prefer extreme sport, you should try the “hammer”, which gives a dose of adrenaline.   The youngest visitors of the park can enjoy a fun time on the classic children’s carousel. It will not leave anyone indifferent.   Tashkent Disne...

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Published: 14 august 2013

  The beach season in Tashkent begins with the opening of Tashkent Water Park, where adults and children can spend unforgettable summer holiday. The Tashkent aquapark was built in 1997, located near the TV tower, next to the hotel “Intercontinental”.   Here are fascinating and colorful water slides for children, “kamikadze” for adults, “Jakuzzi” with the effect of massage and swimming pool, simulating sea wave. The water in the pools of Water Park is so clear that meets drinking water standards. The waterslides are built according to age.   Having enjoyed the pleasure and extreme, you will feel an irresistible hunger. There are several cafes on the territory of the Water Park: "Favorite", "Aqua", "Jacuzzi", "Expo", "Green Island" where you can enjoy a variety of meals and snacks of international cuisine.  Address: Tashkent city, Ami...

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Tashkent zoological garden
Published: 06 august 2013

  Tashkent Zoo is a cultural and educational institution, organized in 1924. In 1940 the exposition of the zoo included more than 200 different species of animals and birds.   In 1994 the Uzbek government decided to build a new modern zoological garden. In 1997 it opened its doors for both residents and visitors of the capital. The territory of New Tashkent Zoo is 22 hectares.   Today, the exposition of zoological garden has more than three thousand of animals and 415 different species of birds. Here you can see 58 species of mammals, 74 species of birds, 26 species of reptiles, 191 species of fish.   There is also the "Aquarium" with sharks, morays and other inhabitants of underwater world. Workers of the zoo engaged in improvement of the territory, grow rare plants.   Taking a walk along the zoo, you can enjoy not only funny animals but also camel and hors...

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Botanical garden
Published: 02 august 2013

 Tashkent Botanical garden was founded in 1943; its square is 68 hectares. Today, there is a collection of plants of Eastern and Central Asia, North America, Europe, Far East and Crimea. Here you can see 4500 kinds of trees, plants, bushes and lianas.   Lotus Pond is the first thing you'll see, starting your journey. Here, in this cool and secluded location, you will be able to hide from the scorching heat, go for a walk around the pond. Perhaps you will see the blue bird living in the lake.   The garden is unusually beautiful in autumn. At this season you can admire the beauty of different colors and breathe the fresh and clean air.   Come here by all means in spring when there is a smell of violets in the air. You will be amazed by the beauty of blooming magnolia, silk acacia and roses of white, red, pink and cream colors.   Tashkent Botanical Garden is nationa...

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Uzbek head-dress
Published: 14 august 2013

  The Uzbek head-dress has always been one of the most popular and widespread types of applied art of Uzbekistan. It is a hard or soft cap on the lining. The Uzbek head-dress became an integral part of the Uzbek national costume, came into the life and traditions of Uzbek people. It (from the Turkic "Tube" - top) is not only the national head-dress among the Uzbeks, but also among other Central Asian nations. They are classified by types: men, women, children, for old people. Old women do not wear it. Child's head-dresses (kulohcha, kalpakcha, duppi, kulupush) are colorful fabrics, fluffiness of tassels and beads, embroidery, spangles and lots of charms. The most common forms of Uzbek head-dreasses are- square, slightly conical. They are made of two or more layers of fabric quilted and fixed with a silk or cotton thread. It is usually embroidered with a silk thread, gold or silver c...

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