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Botanical garden

Published: 02 august 2013

 Tashkent Botanical garden was founded in 1943; its square is 68 hectares. Today, there is a collection of plants of Eastern and Central Asia, North America, Europe, Far East and Crimea. Here you can see 4500 kinds of trees, plants, bushes and lianas.

  Lotus Pond is the first thing you'll see, starting your journey. Here, in this cool and secluded location, you will be able to hide from the scorching heat, go for a walk around the pond. Perhaps you will see the blue bird living in the lake.

  The garden is unusually beautiful in autumn. At this season you can admire the beauty of different colors and breathe the fresh and clean air.

  Come here by all means in spring when there is a smell of violets in the air. You will be amazed by the beauty of blooming magnolia, silk acacia and roses of white, red, pink and cream colors.

  Tashkent Botanical Garden is national property and pride of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Here you can always admire such rare species of plants as black birch, white oak, tulip tree, big cypress. Garden collection has more than 6 thousand plants. Botanical garden in Tashkent is the largest in Central Asia. It is registered as a unique natural site in Uzbekistan.

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