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Japanese garden

Published: 26 august 2013
  Japanese garden is a small park in Tashkent, located in the territory of "Uzexpocentre". It was built jointly by the initiative of the Embassy of Japan in Uzbekistan and the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

  August 25, 2001 was the opening day of the Japanese garden. It is an unusually beautiful place is frequently visited by brides and grooms so that to make a beautiful wedding photos. Being in a Japanese garden, you plunge into depth and originality of Japanese culture, as well as learn their philosophy, a way of thinking.

  There is a sacred Japanese tree sakura (Japanese cherry) on the bank of the old lake filled with Japanese lotus. From here visitors make trips by small boat. There is also a tea house where you can get a feeling of unusual tradition of the Japanese tea ceremony.

  There are two pavilions – Azumaya in the middle of the park, which were built for thinking about harmony of the universe, which gives peace of mind to the soul of man. Here are lots of stones, which enchant view, as stones and water are the main elements of every Japanese garden.

  The Japanese garden in Tashkent is beautiful at any time of the year: when sun shines and after the rain, in snow-white winter and soft spring, in autumn and sunny summer. It is always unique and beautiful.

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