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Archive of Blog: February 2019

Pichak (pchak) - a knife or a piece of art?
Rubric: Handicrafts

The most famous craft in the ancient Bukhara is the blacksmith's craft. Stories about the great artisans of that time can be found in the books of the 10th century, the great Uzbek scholar Abu Rayhan ...

Madrasah of Abdulkasim Sheikh
Rubric: Religious monuments

Travel lovers are a very special category of people who appreciate new experiences, discovering the culture and traditions of new countries. Tours to Uzbekistan are made specifically for such traveler...

Gijduvan pottery
Rubric: Handicrafts

Uzbek ceramics is very rich and diverse. It varies greatly depending on the region where it’s producing. Each region has its own school and traditions. The most interesting ceramics is produced ...

Legend of khan-atlas
Rubric: Uzbek legends and mythes

Khan-atlas is traditional uzbek fabric, made from dense silk. The fabric has interesting complex netting. And it’s coloring made by natural dyes. There’re a lot of legends about khan-atlas...