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Archive of Blog: November 2018

Chust knives
Rubric: Handicrafts

 Since ancient times Chust knives have had a great popularity not only in Uzbekistan but beyond. Chust is a small town in the Namangan region, which is famous for the manufacture of knives. Uzbek...

Carpet factory in Samarkand
Rubric: Handicrafts

Where else but in the East, one can observe an abundance of bright colors and tints. And oriental carpets are still famous for this.Uzbekistan has always been famous for producing carpets. Uzbek carpe...

Samarkand bread
Rubric: Uzbek legends and mythes

Samarkand flat bread is famous for its inimitable in its taste and features not to get stale for a long time. Real Samarkand bread should be eligible during three years. So, one should sprinkle the br...