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Archive of Blog: September 2013

Gafur Ghulyam Park
Published: 02 september 2013

  Park of Culture and Rest named Gafur Ghulyam  was established in 1967. Today, it is one of the biggest and green parks not only in Tashkent, but also in the whole country. It has an area of 23 hectares. There are majestic plane trees, slender birches and pines, oaks.   Gafur Ghulyam Park is a real oasis in the big city in the summer heat. Having been here, you will forget about scorching heat, because there are so many different trees and fresh greenery. There is a lake in the middle of the park, where you can ride a boat and catamaran. A large number of park amusements are attracted both children and adults. The main attraction of the park is “Ferris wheel”, the movement of which means that the park is open. Here you can spend not only merry holiday with children, but also just to relax and sit in the shade of trees.   There is a small zoo corner in the...

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The theatre of historical costume "El Merosi"
Published: 25 september 2013

  The theatre of historical costume "El Merosi"("The People's Heritage") has been working since 2005. Today, the theatre "El Merosi" offers you the costumes of different epochs. Thanks to them, we can get acquainted with the secrets and laws of folk art’s beauty.   In Samarkand theatre of historical costume "El merosi" you can see the life and traditions of the residents of our region from the earliest times to the present. Here are the costumes of different historical periods:  - Costume of Scythian horsemen and warriors of the first millennium BC, was created based on the Hermitage collection, the Institute of Oriental Studies and the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan. The leather fabrics and animal skins were used for their production.  - Anahita costume of 6th century BC, was created based on the funds of the Samarkand Museum of History, found on Afrasiab se...

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