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What can we learn from local people?

Published: 23 january 2015

What can we learn from local people?

Visiting other country, we like it or not we learn something new and even begin to think in a different way. Each journey gives us opportunity to see how other people live.

You can learn many useful things from them and use them in your life. Well, what can we learn during the tour to Uzbekistan?


Hospitality – is national feature of Uzbek people. Even small children know how to meet guests and how to behave. Don’t know how to get to bazaar or hotel? Ask passes-by and they’ll show you not only the way, but even take you to the place.

Ability to bargain

Don’t know how to bargain? Go to bazaar during your tour to Uzbekistan and try to get some discount from the seller. It’s not so easy, because bargain is something from impudence, bluff and ability to smile and deal with seller.

Peace of mind

In the East people don’t get accustomed to hurry. Life without rush and stress is necessary thing if you want to live long and happy. That’s why nobody is hurrying anywhere in the East. It’s good and useful ability, which you can learn from local people during your tour to Uzbekistan. So try it!

Drink hot tea even in a hot day

Possibly, you’ll be surprised noticing how local people drink hot tea in a hot day. But only hot green tea can hit the spot. Cold water and ice drinks don’t help and only make us drink more and more. While hot tea helps you to feel good in a swelteringly hot day.

Marry your tea

In order to get great pleasure in tea, Uzbek people make it specifically. In Uzbek it calls “kaytar” that translates as “to marry tea”. You should pour tea from the teapot into the piala and back not less than 3 times. The first time – loy (empty), the second – choy (tea) and the third – moy (my). Than try tea – it’ll be definitely tastier.  

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