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Navruz Holiday

Published: 11 february 2015

Navruz Holiday

Navruz is the most cheerful holiday in Central Asia. The history of the holiday goes back to ancient time, when people worshipped the Sun and the Fire. It was celebrated by solar calendar, based on the earth position compared to the Sun.  So the holiday celebrated on the 21 of March, the equinox day - when day and night are of equal length.

For more than 3 centuries people of Central and East Asia celebrate Navruz as the holiday of Coming Spring. Navruz is the symbol of a new day and new year, it’s time for new plans, good mood and hopes. And nothing could change tradition: neither new religions, nor new rulers – Navruz remains popular holiday. 


The New Year always brings to people hopes and belief in better life and future. It’s considered that “if a man eats an apple and sniffs narcissus in the morning of Navruz holiday, the New year will be happy for him”. That’s why Navruz remained popular holiday for many centuries.

 People of Central Asia always celebrate the holiday with love and new ideas. They carefully prepare for the holiday – clean up homes, yards and even streets. They also try to pay off their debts not to have them in the New Year. 

Navruz dishes

Navruz Holiday

The main tradition of Navruz is to cook famous dishes, which are so loved by children and adults. First of all women begin to make sumalyak.  It takes about whole day and night for preparing sumalyak. They use sprouted wheat and mix it with sugar and flour. 

To make cooking interesting and pleasant work, people dance, sing songs and listen to music. People also make pilaf and halisa for Navruz holiday. Halisa is a dish made from 7 cereals – to make it tasty they add meat.

We invite you to celebrate the most pleasant spring holiday Navruz in Uzbekistan. During the tour you can visit ancient cities of Uzbekistan and celebrate coming spring and New Year with us!

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