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Stones of Sangijuman

Published: 20 january 2015

Stones of SangijumanNature is the best sculptor: its creations are always mysterious and unique. The wind, air and water together create real masterpieces and they cannot be unnoticed. Good example is the area Sangijuman, situated in Navoi region.

Here you can see unique stone compositions made by nature. They proudly rise above the ground and have unusual shapes. Some of these boulders have big size through-holes. Local people believe if a man with sick joints passes through the hole he’ll forget about his pain soon.

From tajic language Sangijuman translates “rocking stone”. Area got this name because of unique stone, which has “no weight”. His weight is more than 280 tons, but if you touch the stone – it begins to rock. Even a little child can do it.

Sangijuman is an uncommon place, where a lot of people come from the beginning of spring. Some of them wants to be healthy, another – to see these natural boulders. Many tourists are also interested in this place and come here to make unusual photos and enjoy the nature. There is a small stream not far away the boulders. It begins from the spring, that welling up from the earth, and is famous of its pure water. 

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