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Saint place of Burchi-mulla

Published: 14 july 2015

Whenever going to Burchi-mulla it is reasonable to visit one saint place. It is situated almost at the start of this village. Having stopped in the road you have to go down.

What is the most interesting about this place? First of all it is its location. Not many people know about it. Second the popularity of this place. Coming once you can notice there are not many people there as it can be seen in such kind of places.


The legend says that Prophet once was going across these mountains. There was the namaz time but he couldn’t make washing before pray. So he asked God to help him. God said him to put his hand on the ground, so he did and from each finger one small source started to come.

So in this place you can see 5 sources – one is big like our thumb and others smaller like other fingers. The coming water is helpful in many cases like local people say. You can be well from drinking it. It is also allowed to wash face with it. If you wish anything from your heart your wish will definitely come true.


Old Chinara tree

5 meters away from this source you can see very old and huge tree. The name of it is Chinara. Like local people say it is more than 700 years old. Many people come to make wish in front of this tree touching it to get some good energy and power.

This place is really worth to visit because of many reasons and the main one is making a wish which comes true very soon. 

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