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Dried melon is the constant attribute of the eastern tea.

Published: 12 april 2013

One of the constant attributes of the eastern tea is dried melon. This wonderful product differs not only with taste, but it has the properties that give beauty, strength and health. It is believed that for the first time melon appeared in Central Asia. Farmers make much effort in order to gather good fruits of which will be made dried melon. During the preparation it doesn’t lose its nutrients and vitamins and remains as useful as fresh, that’s why dried melon is made only from the best fruits. Thus, it is not only very tasty snack, but also a product that strengthens and tones organism, positively effect on the human digestive tract, and enriches the body with vitamins. It is believed that a couple pieces of melon can improve your mood because it contains serotonin – “Hormone of happiness”. It is said in the east: “Melon makes hair shiny, young eyes, lips fresh, strong desire and beautiful women”. Dried melon is an unusual delicacy, which is sure you will like.

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