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Uzbek bread

Published: 02 march 2015

Uzbek breadBread is a very important staple for Uzbek people at all times. The bakers are baking round bread with love and doing their best. That’s why round bread whether for wedding, holiday or for every day is beautiful and tasty.


There’re a lot of sorts of bread in Uzbekistan. The round bread with meat, onion and even pumpkin is very popular among Uzbek people. Bread was often made from cornmeal in ancient time. To make it more nutritious, bakers add pumpkin inside.

The popular sort of bread is patir. Dough is made from milk with yeasts and butter. Then dough divided into small part and is rolled out. After making round share it’s baked in tandir (a special oven). There’s another sort of round bread – shirmoy non. The dough’s made from crushed peas and brewed by anis.  After it the bread are baking in tandir.

Uzbek bread

At the end of XIX century there was other types of round bread: gijda-non (round bread with thick edges), double shirmoy, komach (a bread, baked in ember). It was also known shepherd's bread, which was baked on hot stones in the field.

Baker is a honorable profession

It’s not easy to bake in tandir – the baker must know a lot of secrets. For example, the time when tandir is ready for baking and so on. At the end of XIX century baker was very honorable profession. Bakers passed on their secrets from father to son, taught them from yearly childhood. 

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