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The 18th Annual International Exhibition of Agriculture in the Republic of Uzbekistan - AgriTek Uzbekistan 2019.

Published: 21 october 2019
'Agriculture as one of the largest industries is one of the priority areas of the country's economy. Uzbekistan has the most favorable climatic conditions for the production of various agricultural crops, including industrial crops. In Uzbekistan, more than 30% of the gross domestic product, 35% of the labor force, as well as the main foreign exchange earnings, account for agriculture. Uzbekistan ranks 6th in the world in cotton production and is 3rd in the world in cotton exports.' - the official site of the exhibition says. 

The exhibition will be available for visiting on November 6-7-8.

The main sections of the exhibition:
Agricultural machinery and equipment
Tractors, trucks, etc.
Seeders, equipment for land cultivation
Fertilizers, sprayers
Harvesting and post-harvesting equipment

Gardening equipment
Garden seeders and planters
Equipment for harvesting vegetables and fruits
Sorting and packaging equipment
Greenhouses and greenhouses
Materials for the equipment of greenhouses
Irrigation and fertilizer technologies
Fertilizers and soil additives
Insecticides, hybrids, fungicides
Equipment for heating and ventilation
Seeds and seedlings
Horticultural products
Floriculture products and technologies
Garden equipment

Livestock Technology and Innovation
Hatchery equipment
Livestock feed and additives
Feed preparation and processing
Wellness, veterinary technology
Animal Waste Processing
Livestock complexes
Receiving, processing milk, and dairy products
Advertising campaign

To ensure a high level of attendance, EXPO POSITION plans to conduct a large-scale national and regional advertising campaign, which includes:

Mailing list of 10,000 free invitations
Printed advertising in the national press
Print ads in many trade newspapers and magazines in Central Asia and Russia
Television advertising on national and local TV channels of Uzbekistan
Radio advertisement
Metro Advertising
Banners on the main streets of Tashkent
Phone marketing.
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