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UzStroyExpo-2019 - Exhibition of Building and Building Materials

Published: 21 october 2019
The 9th Construction and Finishing Materials, heating, and ventilation systems. water supply, water treatment, and plumbing - UzStroyExpo 2019 will be held at UzExpoCenter on 23-25th of October.

This exhibition was organized with the purpose to attract leading Uzbek international and domestic companies working in the field of production and supply of construction products. They can't wait for investors come and see top products offering for the Uzbekistan building industry.
building in Uzbekistan
The main sections of the exhibition:
Construction, construction and finishing materials, construction machinery and equipment;
Production of aluminum profiles for window and door structures;
Stretch ceilings, roll shutters, shutters;
In-package blinds;
Controllers Sun protection systems;
Floor and wall decoration materials;
Engineering developments for the construction of industrial complexes;
Modern projects of buildings, structures, roads;
Concrete mixing equipment, formwork, concrete pumps;
Roofing and waterproofing materials;
Prefabricated buildings;
Construction tool;
Roofing and front materials;
Heat, sound, noise, moisture insulating materials;
Construction chemistry; Hardware products;
Paints and varnishes;
Dry building mixes (cement, lime, gypsum and more);
Road construction;
Construction vehicles and machinery, road equipment, spare parts.

Water supply, water treatment, plumbing:
Equipment and accessories for pools and water parks;
Water filters; Pipes, pipelines;
Shutoff valves; Ball Valves;
Pump equipment;
Technologies for water and wastewater treatment;
Sewer systems;
Coolers, dispensers, purifiers;
Wastewater treatment of domestic and industrial origin;
Ecology, environmental technologies.

Heating and ventilation:
Heating systems, boiler equipment;
Energy-saving equipment;
Gas burner devices;
Solar heating;
Ventilation, cooling, and air conditioning systems;
Central air conditioners, chillers, fan coils;
Water supply, sewerage, and plumbing equipment;
Pipes and pipelines, fittings and valves, pumps;
Control, metering and regulation systems.

The lighting of industrial facilities of various industries;
The lighting of streets, underpasses, road junctions, highways;
Light sources, LEDs;
Light control systems and light measuring devices.
Woodworking and furniture. Interior Design:
Furniture manufacture;
Design and interior.
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