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“ChinaTown” Restaurant

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Published: 03 july 2018

Don’t you know where to go this weekend and spend an unforgettable funny or romantic evening? Bring to your notice “ChinaTown” Restaurant, which includes three restaurants and dining-room: the restaurant ChinaTown, Emerald, Pearl and dining National Food. Each room is decorated in its own unique style and has its own kind of cuisine.

 So, having visited “Romantic” hall, you will experience the romantic atmosphere and enjoy the delicaces of Korean, European and Caucasus cuisine. If you like to sing karaoke, visit the hall “China Town VIP” with special karaoke equipment of premium class. The restaurant atmosphere is conducive to all types of rest: from quiet get-togethers with friends and romantic evenings to funny pastime.

 “ChinaTown” Restaurant is first of all the variety of Chinese, Korean, European and Uzbek cuisine as well as a guarantee of good positive mood and fun. 

Address: Tashkent city, Mirabad district, Fargona Street, 24

Work hours: from 11.00am till 23.00pm

Cuisine: Chinese, Korean, European, Caucasus 

Music: live, background

Firm dish: baked lamb ham

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