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"Amaretto" restaurant

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Published: 03 july 2018

Italian restaurant "Amaretto", located in the city center, offers a wide range of Italian dishes: pizza, pasta, risotto, salads and more. There are two rooms, one of which is decorated in pastel shades of deeppink and chocolate color, the other one has light brown and golden tints. You also can order a cup of coffee or one of your favorite cocktails at restaurant bar.

The main highlight of "Amaretto" restaurant is, above all, the taste harmony, fresh products and great service that gives only a good mood. Thanks to the comfortable interior, elegant furniture and warm colors, a feeling of warmth and comfort will not leave you until the end of the evening. Each dish of "Amaretto" restaurant is a unique combination of ingredients and Italian technology of preparation that allows creating real masterpieces of culinary art.


Address: Yakkasaray district, St. Shotta Rustaveli, 28

Telephone number: +99871 2155557

Working hours: 12.00 am-24.00 pm

Music: live

Cuisine: Italian

The perfect place for: romantic evenings, corporative parties, banquets

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