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The restaurant "Sim-Sim", Tashkent

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Published: 03 july 2018
 The interior of the restaurant «Sim-Sim» is decorated in Uzbek style. You will be admired by the beauty of decoration, from wood carvings on the stairs and columns till ceramic floor and wall. Large winter hall decorated with ceramic panels in the oriental style is accommodated 180 seats. Another large hall is outside under the bluish glass dome. There is also bolohona-mansard for 80 seats and 3 trestle beds. The restaurant reminds the house of hospitable host. A unique night bar with working hours from “from dusk till dawn” includes 150 seats. There is a bar with disco. The peculiar design of the bar room creates a feeling that you have a rest in a fantasy world under the vines. Having been in the restaurant “Sim-Sim” you will plunge into an unforgettable holiday atmosphere.


Cuisine: European and Uzbek.

Working hours: from 09:00 am. Till 10:00 pm.

Music: Oriental, Live, Classical, National.

Halls: 1st hall (180 seats); 2nd hall (150 seats); bolohona-mansard (80 seats).

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