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The restaurant "Doston House", Bukhara

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Published: 03 july 2018

 The restaurant «Doston House» was built in 19 century by Bukhara Jew, that’s why the decoration of the house reminds the сonstruction of that time. The main hall of the restaurant is decorated in the   national uzbek style. The walls are decorated with painted mosaics, national ornaments; there are also small niches in the walls.

The restaurant is situated in the old part of the city, not far away from the famous square Laybi House. Hospitable «Doston House» invites everybody who wants to enjoy a variety of uzbek dishes prepared in accordance with national traditions. Almost all the main dishes are prepared on an open fire. Traditionally table full of sweets, vegetable salads, dried fruits and flour products. Besides, Radjabov Doston-owner of the house is always glad to offer guests Bukhara wine and soft drinks. 

For visitors of the restaurant are often given the demonstration of favorite dishes - palov and samsa. There is also the opportunity to enjoy a meal in spring and summer. National songs, dances and melodies help you to introduce with culture and traditions of local people, inhabiting the territory of Central Asia. Here you can feel atmosphere of the East and all its charm.

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