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The restaurant "Caravan", Tashkent

Rubric: Restaurants
Published: 03 july 2018
 The restaurant «Caravan» is decorated in an oriental style. The entire furnishings interior radiates a friendly atmosphere. This applies to the orcheous color of the walls, and a variety of antiques, and the walls of Gijduvon ceramic tiles. All this gives the restaurant a special charm. Here you can enjoy a variety of live music, from national Uzbek songs to contemporary melodies, from the works of classical music to jazz. Restaurant “Caravan” is always welcome not only the residents of Tashkent, but the guests all over the world for its delicious dishes and unforgettable hospitality.



 Cuisine: Uzbek, European, vegetarian

 Popular dishes: lamb, kebabs, hasyb, dolma, seafood

 Music: Eastern, live, background

 Working hours: from 11.00 am to 24 pm

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