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«Affresco» Restaurant

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Published: 03 july 2018

Italian cuisine is delicious and varied with its dishes. It is the famous Italian pizza, and tasty ravioli, and great risotto, as well as pecorino, kanneloni and more. Would you like to taste all these exquisite masterpieces of Italian cuisine?! Welcome to the Italian restaurant «Affresco» - one of the most romantic places in the capital! As is known, there were made hundreds of beautiful and unusual marriage proposals.

 However, the atmosphere of the restaurant «Affresco» is suitable not only for romantic evenings but also business negotiations. The restaurant's interior is designed in the style of the early Renaissance. Each masterpiece created by skilled chefs, is prepared from products and spices brought specially from sunnySicily. Having visited «Affresco» restaurant, you as though relive the times of Andrea del Castanyo and Benotso Gottsoli: old wine barrels, Aphrodite and Apollo’s sculptures, clay pots and other artifacts of ancient Italy fully pass the spirit of the epoch of that time.

 A unique interior, pleasant atmosphere, wide range of wines, and most importantly, excellent Italian cuisine will make your evening a truly memorable and delightful. It’s so nice to experience the atmosphere of ancientItalywhile enjoying a glass of wonderful Italian wine.

Address: Yakkasaray district, Bobur St. 14

Work hours: from 12.00 am till 24.00 pm

Music: live, background

Cuicine: Italian

Telephone number: +99871 1299090



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