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«Nam Dae Mun» Restaurant

Rubric: Restaurants
Published: 03 july 2018


Address:Buhoro Street, house 24, Mirabadskiy region

Landmark: The Bolshoi theatre named A. Navoi, shop "Flowers inTashkent"

Subway: “Mustakillik Maidoni”

Type of Facility: Sushi Bar

Budget: Business Class

Cuisine: Korean, fish, Japanese

Work hours: from 12.00 till 23.00 without days off

Music: Background, modern, lounge


«Nam Dae Mun» Restaurant is located in the center ofTashkent. Interior design made in the east-west design, cozy atmosphere and various assortment of Japanese and Korean dishes, the taste of which is praised both a professional connoisseur of Japanese cuisine and an aspiring gourmet of oriental exotic, it is the main attribute of the restaurant, that attracts not only locals but also the guests of our capital. If you are a connoisseur of Japanese cuisine and unique Korean dishes, you must visit the restaurant “Nam Dae Mun”, enjoying exquisite delicacies of south-eastern cuisine, accompanied by quiet lounge music. 

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