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Gijduvan ceramic school

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Published: 04 february 2013

One of the more ancient, extremely interesting types of applied arts of Uzbekistan, which kept till our days the distinctive positioning of local schools and traditions, is art ceramics.
Ceramics of Gijduvan takes the special among the ceramic schools of Central Asia. The characteristic feature of Gijduvan ceramics is a solid pouring with dark green or brown glaze in combination of simple engraved ornament. This décor is common, but original.
Gijduvan is located not far from Bukhara. From ancient times it is the center of national arts – ceramics. Gijduvan ceramic school is notable for using different forms and colors in ornaments, through which the inimitable features and uniqueness of culture of the Uzbek people pass.
Guests of Gijduvan will be told about the stages of piala (drinking bowl) origin, they will be showed the process, and if the guests can stay too long, they will be able to teach all refinements of ceramics, beginning from the ceramic ring and ending with the painting and glazing. All masterpieces made by yourself you can take with you.
The distinctive feature of Gijduvan ceramics, reaching our days, is the special vegetable fringe – “islimi”, which decorates the central part of the cup rim. The upper part of the rim is like compressed crosses. The bottom of the cup is decorated with the engraving – “khona khorosh”.
One more characteristic pattern is “abr”. “Abr” means “cloud”.
One more feature of Gijduvan ceramics are paints “angob”, basement of which, except coloring substance is clay. These clay-thick paints are applied over the raw product and they give the effect of firing and relief pattern. Gijduvan masters apply patterns with these paints in multiple layers, then cover them with the glaze. It turns out that the bulging pattern is in a thicker glassy of the yellow glaze, and, when the light is on the surface of the dish, there is the effect of the pattern glow. Most of the masters of Gijduvan make paints from natural ingredients and the secret of their creation is passing from generation to generation.
Gijduvan ceramics was presented by our masters, particularly by the House of Ceramics of the Nazrullaevs, on many competitions and festivals, where they got the highest marks.

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