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Ugham Chatkalsky National Park

Published: 03 may 2014

Ugham Chatkalsky National Park was founded in 1990, is located in Tashkent region, offshoot mountain range of the Western Tien Shan. The reserve area is 574.6 hectares. The main purpose of the park is to preserve the unique landscapes, using them for recreational purposes, as well as for agriculture.
Territory of Ugham Chatkalsky Park is divided into functional areas: recreation area, wildlife area and area of natural landscapes. Today, there are 2200 plants, among which the most popular are the family Asteraceae (Compositae), Papilionaceous (legumes), Poaceae (gramineous). Approximately 650 species of plants are used in medicine and 400 species as food. Reserve’s fauna includes about 280 species: mammals - 44 species; birds - more than 200; fish - 20; reptiles - 16; amphibians - 2. During the journey you can hear a pleasant birds singing; these are larks, oriole, white-winged woodpecker, great tit, blackbird, owl, etc. There also inhabited marmot Menzbier, listed in the Red Book of Uzbekistan.
The most suitable time to visit the park is late spring and early summer. Ugham Chatkalsky National Park is the largest environmental complex of the republic of Uzbekistan. Thanks to the staff of the reserve, currently the population of many endangered species of animals and plants is increased.

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