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Siab bazaar.

Siab Bazaar is one of the oldest bazaars in Samarkand, situated between the mosque of Bibi Khanum and Shokhi Zinda complex, not far away from the Registan. Since ancient times, it was the center of social life for citizens, there were purchase – sale, national festivities but today Siab bazaar meets customers with abundance of fruits and vegetables, melons and grains.

You can visit the bazaar in any weather as it is located in covered pavilions. Bags of walnuts, salt pits of apricots, raisin, dried apricot, sweet  peanut, parvarda – Eastern sweetness, kazinaki of different kinds attract  sweet  lovers.  Here you can also see many kinds of species: pepper and saffron, zira and cumin, nutmeg and cardamom, barberry and sesame. And, of course, in teahouse of Siab bazaar you can taste Uzbek national dishes: Samarkand shashlik of lamb’s liver, samsa, palov, lagman, shurpa, most of dishes are cooked in open fire, quench your thirst and enjoy a freshly brewed green tea. As it is known Samarkand is famous for its bread. Especially tasty and fragrant is bread baked in ovens (tandyr). There are different patterns and ornaments in Samarkand bread. This bread can be purchased as a souvenir of Samarkand, because it doesn’t lose its taste qualities and appetizing.


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