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Aksaray (Ak-Saray) Mausoleum

  Aksaray (Ak-Saray) Mausoleum is located in 30 meters to the south-east of Gur-Emir Mausoleum. Ak-Saray from Turkic means "ak" - white, “saray” – palace. It is memorial and religious building, built in the XV century in Samarkand.

  It is a rectangular-dome building, including the cross-hall and three rooms. A narrow passage in the form of a staircase leads to octagonal marble crypt. The walls of the mausoleum are decorated with glazed mosaic. Ornamental painting is a decoration of the dome, made in the technique kundal with abundant use of gold. Unfortunately, the exact information of the construction of Aksaray mausoleum is not preserved. Scientists suggest that Aksaray mausoleum was built in honor of the governor Abd al Latif, who could not be buried in the mausoleum Gur Emir (Abd al Latif ordered to kill his father Mirzo Ulugbek, which was buried in Gur Emir Mausoleum).

  Before the beginning of the XXI century monument was in ruins, but in 1924-1925 mausoleum was restored. In 2007 the mausoleum was renovated again. Nowadays, the doors of this memorial and religious building are opened for tourists.


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