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Rukhabad tomb

The tomb Rukhabad is one of the earliest surviving buildings in Samarkand of Amir Timur’s epoch. The building was built by order of Amir Timur in 1380. The word “Rukhabad” is translated as “the abode of the spirits”. The building has no front door – portal, and outside the tomb lacks bright and decorative facing.

The facades of the mausoleum from all sides are equal, but have some differences. The mausoleum is dome construction; its square is 14x12 meter and height is 24 meters. Outdoor decor is made of brick. The building has three entrances: from the north, west and south. The basis of this majestic building is a cube topped with a dome.

According to the legend, there are seven hairs of Prophet Muhammad in the dome of the mausoleum. After the construction, the mausoleum Rukhabad became very popular among pilgrims and one of the most revered places of worship in Samarkand. Mosque and minaret decorated in China style were built in 1880-1882, and also separate portal for the entrance to the complex.

Nowadays, there is a craft center instead of the former madrassah, where the works of famous Samarkand masters. Here you can buy unique miniatures, jewelry boxes, wooden coasters and decorations. There are many people for Friday prayer in a small minaret of 16th century attached to the complex Rukhabad.


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