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Memorial complex Imam Al-Bukhari.

One of the major places of pilgrimage in Uzbekistan is memorial complex of Imam Al-Bukhari, located 12 km from Samarkand. Imam Al-Bukhari was the great theologian of the East. Since childhood he collected and wrote down stories, many of which were made to «Shariat». His book “Al-Zhomi as Sahih” includes historical, juridical, biographical, medical, ethical and other sections. There used to be ancient mausoleum, and memorial complex was erected in 1998. There are mosques, mausoleum and hotel for tourists, souvenir shops in the complex. The interior of the mausoleum is decorated with marble and granite that is covered with 17 metre dome. In the centre of the mausoleum is a tombstone – sagana of light – blue onyx. Carved wooden door leads to the lower room of the tomb, to dakhma – a place of worship. There is an educational centre Dorus Hadith dedicated to studying the hadith. The walls of the mosque are decorated with ornaments of glazed tiles. Memorial complex Imam Al-Bukhari is so honored by Muslims that the visit of this holy place equates to small hadj.


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