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Abu Mansur Matridy Mausoleum

  Abu Mansur Matridy Mausoleum is located to the east of the famous Registan Square. It was built over the tomb of the famous Islamic theologian Muhammad Abu Mansur al-Matridi. Theologian was buried in the cemetery Chokardiza in Samarkand. In 1930 the mausoleum was destroyed.

  Abu Mansur al-Maturidi was born in Maturidy near Samarkand, here he studied religious subjects. Afterwards, he taught fiqh and kalam. Maturidy believed that a person has the right of choice.

  Mausoleum which square is 12х12 metre, its height is 17,5 metre, has a double dome. Outer dome is covered with blue majolica; drum is decorated with 24 arches and window lattices- pandjara. You can read Imam al Matrudy’s inscription on the tombstone of white marble.

  There is a low dome construction – dakhma on the west side of the mausoleum. Small elevation with tombstones of IX-XVIII centuries is on the north side of the mausoleum.

  Having a great knowledge in the field of theology, Imam al Matrudi was famous and deeply honored not only among his many students, but also in the scientific world of the Muslim East.


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