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One of the most ancient cities of Uzbekistan – Urgut is located 50 km from Samarkand. This small town is famous for its old plane trees whose age is more than 1000 years.
Plateu Shaitan Giga or Devil's Helmet is one of the most picturesque places of Urgut. Local landmark has different legends. In 1996 there were discovered the ruins of the Nestorian church of IX century. A garden "Chor Chinor" ("Four plane trees") consists of fifty ancient plane trees, watered by the holy water. Having been in Urgut, be sure to visit the local bazaar. Here you can buy both ancient and modern handicraft products. These are: rugs and suzani (hand embroidery), jewelry and art objects made of metal, ceramic tableware and wooden chests and many other. There also the smithy and shops of national clothes. There are also many places where you can taste dishes of the local cuisine.
The plateu Kyrktau has many caves with vertical labyrinths, caves and underground reservoirs. Aman-dara George is famous for its grove with millennial pines and firs. The cave with many ancient artifacts was discovered in the gorge Takalik-say. Legendary rock massif Shaitan-Jig is a broad area surrounded by giant boulders, resembling dancing demons.
Urgut is famous not only for its archaeological and natural attractions, but also the purity of the mountain air, that attract tourists from all over the world to visit this beautiful and interesting place, located near the fabulous Samarkand city.


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