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The restaurant "Brazil"

Published: 09 november 2014

"Brazil" is the first and only Brazilian restaurant inUzbekistan. Any Brazilian can easily explain you meaning of the words rodizio, churassker, kaipirinya, feydzhoada, pikanya and panakota. Today you will be acquainted with the meaning of the word rodizio.

 It is known 300 years ago, in the Pampas region, in the south ofBrazil, the locals invented a new way of cooking meat (big pieces of meat on the skewer were fried in the open air in the presence of the visitors). So, freshly cooked meat the visitor could eat as much as he wanted. Hence we know the meaning of the word "Rodizio". Well, for the full enjoyment you can only order a refreshing kayperinyu, Brazilian lemonade or classic Sangria.

 Here you can see musicians and singers from Rio, taste delicious set of 10 kinds of meat, you will be offered a buffet dinner with plenty of salads, hot dishes and snacks, but the most important thing is that only here you will experience the atmosphere of lively Brazil.

 Address: The Yakkasaray region (Babur park), the entrance in front of Pedagogik institute

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