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Namazgoh Mosque

  Namazgoh Mosque is located in the souh-west of Bukhara. It was a prayer area, intended for religious services in such holidays as Kurban-bairam and Ramazan-bairam. There is a suggestion that the building was built in the IXth century during the reign of the Samanids. There was not only worship but rites of sacrifice where meals were treated to all believers, regardless of their local status. The first religious educational institution was built during their reign, also there were built khanaki – shelters for wandering Sufi and namazgokh was on the outskirts of the city.

  The original part of the building of the mosque Namazgokh was built during the ruler Arslan Khan in 1119. The original building was a wall of brick, the length of which was about 38 meters. There was mihrab in the wall (niche showing the correct landmark for prayers). Mihrab of the mosque Namazgokh is richly decorated with mosaics and alabaster, adorned geometric designs and inscriptions in Arabic.

  Nowadays, other religious complexes perform the role of namazgokh, as it is located on the outskirts of the city and lost its original purpose.


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