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Art-Architectural Museum-Reserve

  Bukhara State Art-Architectural Museum-Reserve was founded in November 8, 1922. Later, in 1945 the museum was situated in the former citadel of Bukhara emirs – Ark. Here is the main office of the museum. In 1985 the museum received the status of Bukhara State Art-Architectural Museum-Reserve.

  Today, there are 6 branches, consisting of 18 expositions and exhibits. The museum fund has more than one hundred and thousand exhibits of material and spiritual cultures, as well as 1000 items of cultural heritage of great Uzbek people. During this informative and interesting excursion, you will see the masterpieces of arts of Bukhara chasers, gold embroidery, jewels, sculpture and painting, books, manuscripts and other ancient artifacts. The collection of marble items is also very interesting. The collection of fine arts is represented by works of famous Bukhara artists, sculptures: Nabi Hafizov, B. Salomov, M.Sadykov, A.Barnaev, Z.Saidjanov, B.Gulov, K.Norhuzorov, as well as Russian painters: P.Benkov, M.Kurzin, V.Vilkovir.

  One of the ancient and scientific sections of the museum is the history section of ancient times, storing about 14,000 items. Its collection includes artifacts from the palace of BukharaEmir: furniture, dishes, jewelry, found during excavations in Bukhara region.

  Nature Department contains 536 exhibits. The workers of this department acquaint visitors with numerous collections of the Museum-Reserve. 36,000 exhibits are stored in the department of modern history. There is "The interior of the summer palace Sitorai Mohi-Khosa", National dress of Bukhara residents of XIX- XX centuries", "Embroidery and household items of XIX-XX centuries" in the branch of the museum.

  Every year the Museum-Reserve is visited by tourists from all over the world. The Bukhara State Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve is protected by the government of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


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