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Gozien Madrasah

  Gozien Madrasah was built in Bukharain the XV-XVII centuries; it was an education system of Bukhara. In the XIX century it used to be a school for Muslims, where students from different cities came to teach science. There used to be several madrassahs, the largest one was Mullah Muhammad Sharif Madrasah, built in the XIX century.

  There was Gozien Hurd (Small Gozien) Madrasah to the north of madrassas Gozien Kalon (Big Gozien), which is well preserved to this day. It is a single-storey symmetrical building, built in the style of Bukhara architecture. It is not big in comparison with other madrasahs of Bukhara. The facade of the building is made in the form of an arch, partly decorated with ornaments. Carved marble is a decoration of the ceiling of external room, and its walls are made of brick. Generally the students of madrasah studied law, logic, theological science, music and poetry.

  Nowadays, madrasah Gozien is an architectural monument and belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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