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Khanaka Faizabad

  Khanaka Faizabad is one of the noblest monuments of Bukhara, located on the outskirts of the old town, to the north-east of the Chor-Minor. This magnificent structure was built in 1598-1599 years by Mavlono Poyanda Sufi Muhammad Ahsi (Ahsiketi) who was the founder of the Sufi centre.

  The composition of the mosque is smart. There are residential khujras for temporary shelter of dervishes in the main portal and behind the mihrab. The dome is decorated with two-tone ganch. The hujras for guests are located in a large ceremonial hall. Rear façade of khanaka Faizabad is impressed with its beauty.

  The building had two main functions: first of all it was the mosque, as evidenced a mihrab, secondly it was a khanaka, where were three floors for living dervishes. The architecture of the mosque is a sample of XVI century architecture, where the proportion and elegance of the building is seen.

  Nowadays khanaka Faizabad does not fulfill its basic functions. There are no Friday prayers anymore and dervishes don’t live in hujras. In spite of this, there is always a religious spirit, and it seems that thousands of believers will enter the mosque Faizabad again.


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