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Sitorai-Mohi Hosa Palace

  Sitorai-Mohi Hosa Palace(translated from Persian as the star and the moon of Khan) was built in XIX - XX centuries by father of the last Emir Ahadhan.

  The new complex of garden pavilions was built to the east of the residence Ahadhan. It is a large garden area of 6.7 hectares with fruit orchards. There are two sculptures of marble lions at the entrance to the palace. Colorful mosaic patterns adorn the main entrance to the palace, which is uncharacteristic of the local architecture. Blue and green colors are dominated in the decoration of the interior.

  Palace Sitora-Mohi-Hosa consists of three main parts: the entrance, outside courtyard - for men and inside courtyard - for women. The walls of the palace are surrounded by a wide area. There is a small body of water in the centre of the palace.

  Nowadays, there is a museum of decorative arts in the palace, which was opened in 1927. There are some great expositions: Interior of the summer palace" where you can see the palace furniture XIX-XX centuries, Chinese and Japanese porcelain XIV-XX centuries, jewelry of famous Bukhara masters; “Clothing  of Bukhara dweller of XIX- XX centuries", where the collection of clothing, belts, scarves, shoes are represented; ethnographic exhibition of house interior of Bukhara’s urban residents.


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