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Nekropolis Chor-Bakr

Nekropolis «Chor-Bakr» (XVI-XVII centuries) is situated on the south-west from Bukhara, in the village Sumitan. “Chor-Bakr” means “Four brothers” but abroad it is called “The city of the Dead”. Necropolis is a large architectural complex, which is included in the UNESCO. There are graves of sheikhs Dzhuybar Seyids. Burial place of Abu-Bakr Said is the most ancient part of necropolis. Abu-Bakr Said is the ancestor of Dzhuibar sheikhs, the founder of the dynasty Dzhuibar Seyid.

Despite it is called “The city of the Dead” there are courtyards, streets, gate, family dahma and tombstones in the necropolis. There are also three main buildings – mosque, khanaka and minaret in the centre of necropolis. The front facades are portals with arches and its side facades in two tiers are made in the form of loggias. There is a complex of buildings around the mausoleum, which preserved till nowadays. Great importance to the building gives a minaret. Darwaza and aywan of memorial mosques are built in the brick fence of the yard. Narrow lane leads to the group of family yards – hazira.

The huge ensemble “Chor-Bakr” with its unique architecture, which was built over three centuries, is considered holy and revered place for pilgrims.


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