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 Sights of Uzbekistan

The Palace of Duke Romanov


  Romanov Palace was built for the Grand Duke Nikolai Konstantinovich by architects V.S Heinzelmann and A.L Benua in 1891.   It was a two-st...
Architectural complex Pir Siddik


 The architectural complex Pir Siddik was built in the middle of the XVIII century in Margilan, 15 kilometers from Fergana. The complex consists ...
Namazgoh Mosque


  Namazgoh Mosque is located in the souh-west of Bukhara. It was a prayer area, intended for religious services in such holidays as Kurban-bairam...
Hazrat Imam Complex


  Hazrat Imam Complex is popularly known as Hast-Imam located in an old residential district of Tashkent, Sibzar. According to scientists, it was...
Kaldyrgach-biy (Tole bi) Mausoleum


 Kaldyrgach-biy (Tole bi) Mausoleum was built in the first half of the XV century in Tashkentcity. There are remains of the eminent Kazakh politi...
Architectural complex Jami, Andijan

Andijan - eastern gate of Uzbekistan

One of the main attractions of Andijan is an architectural complex Jami, which includes a mosque, madrasah and minaret. Religious buildings were built...
Gozien Madrasah


  Gozien Madrasah was built in Bukharain the XV-XVII centuries; it was an education system of Bukhara. In the XIX century it used to be a school ...
Aksaray (Ak-Saray) Mausoleum


  Aksaray (Ak-Saray) Mausoleum is located in 30 meters to the south-east of Gur-Emir Mausoleum. Ak-Saray from Turkic means "ak" - white, “s...
Ichan-Kala settlement


Ichan-Kala city (inner castle) is located in the historical centre of the ancient city Khiva. The territory of Ichan-Kala is 30 hectares. The height o...
Khanaka Kyrk-Kyz


   Khanaka Kyrk-Kyz (Forty girls) was supposedly built in VI-XI centuries. According to the descriptions of the medieval historians, there w...

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